Our Mission

We help our clients to unlock their full potential.

Potential is a crazy word, it means: ,,Someone's or something's ability to develop, achieve or succeed." But how easy would it be, to swap the "or" for an "and": "the ability to develop, achieve and succeed."
We want our clients to develop great products and services, to achieve their goals and to succeed and be utterly successfull. The way we do this, by providing them with services and tools that remove a lot of the self designed barriers that currently are holding them back.

Our Vision

When potential is unlocked, customers, staff and shareholders all benefit.

In most organizations, there are more people actively disengaged than actively engaged.
Let that sink in for a second, and think about it.
More people do NOT care about the success of the company, the customers, the shareholders... than there are people that DO.
Sometimes these people have given up, because they didn't feel supported, because they were not given authority to do their jobs or because the company flat out hindered them achieving their goals.
elMetis is going to break that behaviour !

Because we believe you deserve better !

We believe people are entitled to quality coaching, to being challenged, to work on things that they are great at. We believe that organizations exist to benefit all stakeholders !
We want managers to manage, specialists to specialize, leaders to lead. We want processes to run smooth, without waste in them, without unnecessary controls. We want YOU to be successfull... and we are here to help YOU unlock that potential !

Our Goals

Why would you wanna walk when you can fly ?

I have started elMetis like so many others started their companies before me, and like so many that will come in the future: to earn an income, to provide for my family.
The perimeters I set for myself were clear from the beginning: I want to make people better, to help others deal with the barriers they find on their path in the organizations they work. I want teamleaders to be able to lead and develop their team, instead of spending all that time on managing administration... administration that only is there to provide a false sense of control and accountability.
elMetis has 3 goals for 2017 it is going to achieve:
1. We will become a successful company that makes enough money to allow me to provide for my family and for the organization to grow without becoming another fundsucker.*
2. We will do 8 months of consulting in 2017. Not only to make the clients more successful, to deliver those projects or performance gains. But also to constantly verify if the "WHY" is still out there.
3. We will deliver at least 3 of the scheduled applications in 2017. Employee Suggestion Box being the first, we will develop the next 2 as well, publish them and bring them to market.
We are elMetis, we have goals, we chase dreams. We choose to fly instead of walk, because when you dream with your eyes open, the sky is no longer a limit... it's a beginning.

Fundsucker: A company that exists and grows because investors keep funding the bills for them.


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