Midas Chest - Employee Suggestion Box

Let's face it... Most employee suggestion boxes really, really suck !
There are many reasons for sucking, as you can see on the right, but they usually come down to only a few rootcauses:

Rootcause 1: Creativity is not recognized and/or rewarded
Rootcause 2: Uncreative members are not motivated to engage
Rootcause 3: Nothing ever changes anyway.

What we did, is create a framework that would make it easier for staff to become creative and participate in driving the business forward, while at the same time, building in the security that the scarce resource of management time is not completely flooded by poor quality suggestions and ideas.

Naturally Midas Chest - Employee Suggestion Box, is multi device operational and comes with a build in set of reports for your convenience.

Why Suggestion Boxes Suck ?

  • Too few suggestions
  • Too many (really poor) suggestions
  • People are not participating
  • Uncreative people feel left out
  • No feedback is ever given
  • Ideas keep coming back and back and back
  • Nothing is measured or rewarded

Multiple Types of Suggestions

Respond to management requests for input, come up with your own suggeston and receive the credits or file ideas anonymously.

Engage Them All

Recognition is not only for submitting suggestions, but also for supporting them.

Park and Bury

Suggestions that do not receive enough support for managment consideration can be parked or burried.

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Action Tasklist

If any actions are required from you or your team they show up automatically on your personalised to-do list.

Transparant Feedback

Feedback can be received on different levels in line with your organizations requirements.

Integrated Reports

Always a good insight on several levels of the creativity and engagement of your business.

Data Security

Your data is only accessible in line with your own requirements. We take all possible steps to keep your data safe.

Competitive Pricing

We provide Software as a Service to reduce your implemetation costs. Living Lean allows us to keep costs down.

Continued Collaboration

We realize that we can only remain relevant if we constantly engage with our customers and understand their needs.

Business First

We design with business at the core of process. Development always comes second to unlocking your potential.

What's in a name ?

Midas was an ancient Greek king who received the gift from the gods that everything he touched turned into gold. After he found out that this also had it's issues, he prayed to be quickly relieved of it.

It's the same for creative and engaged staff. If not managed properly, their gift can seriously hold your business back.
Our solution resolves this for you and will definitly allow you to unlock some of their potential !


For our service to function properly, we have set up 3 profiles:

User: This profile allows you to submit and support suggestions.

Manager: This profile allows you to submit, support and review suggestions.

Administrator: This profile allows you to fully control and participate your environment.



Per user per month



Per manager per month



Per administrator per month

Want to know more ?

Naturally there is more about our product than we can write on this one page. If you want to find out how we will help you and your team to unlock their potential, simply download our product guid.

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Even with all the similarities, we realize that not every business is the same. If you would like to discuss with us if our employee suggestion box solution would help your business realize it's potential, just drop us an e-mail and we will contact you shortly.

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